IGNITE is an initiative to increase the Blazer Boosters membership base, fortify a foundation for continued financial growth, and position UAB Athletics to compete at the highest level of college athletics. Investing in Blazer student-athletes by becoming a member of Blazer Boosters will IGNITE the future success of the UAB Department of Athletics.


Every decision we make in support of UAB student-athletes is made according to the three core values of the UAB Department of Athletics. All gifts made through IGNITE will go directly to support Blazer student-athletes and give them the opportunity to receive an elite education at the top young university in the country.

UAB Athletics Core Values

Win Championships

Blazers want to be the best in everything we do. We do not expect just to win, we want to bring home championships to Birmingham. By joining IGNITE, you are providing the financial resources necessary to help our student-athletes win championships!

Graduate With Honors

UAB is the top young university in the country, which means when Blazer student-athletes graduate, they will walk away with a degree that prepares them for life. IGNITE the future of Blazer student-athletes by making a gift through Blazer Boosters.

Make a Difference

UAB plays a major role in the city of Birmingham. For every 1,000 UAB students, there is a $50 million annual economic impact. Help IGNITE the continued growth and success of UAB Athletics, and your support will have a direct correlation on the progress being made in Birmingham.

“We want to be the best at everything that we do. We have three Core Values in UAB Athletics. We want to Compete for Championships, Graduate with Honors, and Make a Difference. To accomplish these goals, we must also win off the field by properly supporting our coaches and student-athletes.”

Mark Ingram

The Cost of Excellence

Annual Scholarship for In-State Students:


Annual Scholarship for Out-of-State Students:


Total Scholarship Bill

Every dollar invested in the Blazer Club Scholarship Fund goes to help pay for scholarships for our Blazer student-athletes so they can receive an elite education at the top young university in the country. In total, UAB Athletics provides scholarship support to over 400 student-athletes totaling more than $8 million annually.

“UAB has provided me an incredible opportunity to get an elite education while playing the sport I love. Being able to win the Conference USA Championship last year would not have been possible without the generous support of our fans and donors. Thank you!”

Deanna Kuzmanic
Class: Senior
Major: Mathematics

Off the Field Accomplishments


Consecutive Semesters with an athletic department
cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better


Success Rate


Programs were recognized for
being in the top 10% of multi-year APR scores


hours of community service
at 73 different organizations

13 of 18

teams finished with a
1000 APR (Academic Progress Rating) in 2017-2018

The Roadmap to Success

As a founding member of Conference USA, UAB Athletics must strive to be the premier athletic department in our conference and compete for championships in each of our sports. However, being satisfied with solely being the best in Conference USA is not enough. UAB and the city of Birmingham intend to be leaders on a national stage. Other peer metropolitan institutions currently have a larger base of support than UAB, and the goal is to pass these schools in total athletic donors.

Peer Metropolitan Institutions

(Donors to Athletics)









Southern Miss


Old Dominion




Western Kentucky









Pass each one of these peer metropolitan institutions one-by-one. There is strength in numbers!

There is strength in numbers!

Give Now

Want to give via check?

All checks should be made to "UAB Athletics Foundation" with the word IGNITE in the memo line to the following address:

Blazer Boosters
1720 2nd Ave South
Ullman 339
Birmingham, AL 35294

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IGNITE?

IGNITE is an initiative to increase the Blazer Boosters membership base, fortify a foundation for continued financial growth, and position UAB Athletics to compete at the highest level of college athletics.

What is Blazer Boosters?

Blazer Boosters is the official fundraising arm of UAB Athletics with a mission to provide the highest level of financial support possible to UAB Athletics. Support from Blazer Boosters helps fund student-athlete scholarships, capital projects, facility improvements, and the enhancement of sport-specific operating budgets.

Why is IGNITE so important to UAB Athletics?

There is strength in numbers, and Blazers want to be the best in everything that we do. In comparison to all other Conference USA Schools, UAB ranks seventh in total donors to athletics. Nationally, other peer metropolitan institutions have a larger base of support. In order to be the best in Conference USA and leaders on a national stage UAB Athletics needs to be successful in growing the base of support for Blazer student-athletes.

How are gifts to IGNITE used?

All financial support garnered through a Blazer Boosters membership will enhance the student-athlete experience through scholarship support, building new or enhancing athletic facilities or supplementing a sport specific operating budget. Gifts made through IGNITE can be designated at the request of the donor.

How does IGNITE impact Blazer student-athletes?

Providing the best support possible to our student-athletes is the top priority for Blazer Boosters. As the membership base grows to comparable levels of peer metropolitan institutions, Blazer student-athletes will be better positioned to compete at the highest level of collegiate athletics, have state-of-the-art facilities and foster the overall growth of the UAB Department of Athletics.

What are the benefits of giving to UAB Athletics?

The greatest benefit of giving to UAB Athletics is the direct impact you will have on Blazer student-athletes. Additionally, supporting UAB Athletics financially provides an opportunity for growth and positions the Blazers to not just compete but be leaders nationally. Blazer Boosters members also have access to other benefits detailed in the annual membership guide and Ever Loyal Society brochure based upon their level of support.

Can a Blazer Boosters membership help me secure better seats in the new downtown stadium?

Yes! Season tickets and parking in the new downtown stadium will be allocated based on the Blazer Boosters Priority Point system. Priority points are accumulated for lifetime giving, current year giving, purchasing season tickets for consecutive years and being an active member of Blazer Boosters for consecutive years. Joining Blazer Boosters today will provide the best opportunity for great seats in the new downtown stadium.

Can I spread my gift out over a period of time?

Yes. Anyone interested in supporting Blazer student-athletes through IGNITE has the opportunity to maximize their gift by establishing equal monthly payments to be completed in a calendar year. Please call Blazer Boosters at (205) 996-9969 to schedule your annual membership through monthly installments.

Phone: (205) 996-9969

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